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Hawthorns tend to be different Druid signs, both on the inside and the outside. They are very passionate, creative and curious people, even though a bit difficult to deal with.

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They don't usually judge people, which make them excellent listeners and perceptive friends. Their way of thinking about love makes them have this feeling wholly idealized and longs to deposit all their hopes in it.

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Unfortunately, their needs clash with routine and everyday life, so they can experience dissatisfaction that leads to cheating. This Druid tree sign is strong, protector, generous and encouraging - the Oak according to the Druid horoscope. They are very optimistic people, and they think that everything in this world has its functioning and they aspire to have a big family and to participate in their community.

Their ingenuity makes them always be in search of high ideals and love through small details. IN druid astrology, the Hollies as noble and natural leaders, people of power who always welcome a good challenge.

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The Holly can face all the obstacles in its path because it's competitive, and also ambitious and sure of themselves, and they often have a social role in supporting other people. They usually pursue a search for recognition, and their work power and determination ensure great achievements. According to the tree zodiac, they are intelligent, organized, practical and academic people, the latter thanks to their excellent memory, which allows them to stand out when it comes to reciting and retrieving information quickly.

Although they seem to know everything, this isn't the case, although they do need to be well informed, and their specialty is numbers, science, and analysis.

The hazel is thoughtful, sometimes even to an obsessive or compulsive degree. Their qualities give them a charisma out of the ordinary and possess a charming character and a particular taste for command. The Druids believed that the Vines had fluid and changing personalities, just like the seasons. They are people who can be unpredictable and indecisive, which allows them to see both sides of the coin and therefore can be perceived as empathic. Taciturn sometimes, the Vines are sober and modest lovers who want to understand the details of everything and are also conscientious, meticulous and one of the most logical of the druid signs.

They are elegant, especially for their ability to overcome obstacles and have a continuous flow of energy that allows them to face difficult situations.

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Enjoy with the spicy stories, which often lead them to tell gossip, scandals, legends, and conspiracies, which give them an ideal profile to be journalists and detectives. They understand love as a way to discover mysteries, and they need passion, to flirt with danger, and in sex, they can find their downfall. Elderberries, as they are called in Druid astrology, are free spirits and seekers of emotions, according to the Druid Horoscope. They may seem outgoing, but they can also be self-centered, reflective and philosophical, and they can position themselves as useful, honest and sincere individuals.

They enjoy being right and are predestined to be wise men and women with the immense experience that we all need in life , although they need to find a balance between enthusiasm and wisdom.

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One can recognize them by their easy gait. A charming smile never leaves their face, not only because of their internal cheerfulness but also due to their self-control. These are people of self-respect who put special emphasis on their qualities. Their dressing style is rather dainty. These people have a good taste. They can adapt to new conditions quickly and easily. This sign likes to please people, even quarrelling with its bread and butter. People of this sign are far from being egoistic, but they are a little bit egocentric.

As a rule, they are independent, but sometimes they allow others to make them depended. They have a well-developed feeling of responsibility that makes them feel guilty for the happening fault complex. This sign is not an easy person for communication and relationships. It lacks simplicity.

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People of this sign are rather sensitive towards external influences. Love for the beautiful, loyalty, and affability are the qualities that characterize this sign. One can always rely on people of this sign. Sometimes, they happen to be naive and allow others to use this quality for their benefit.